» History

The farm, Ravaglia Grande, is an old farming estate, which has handed down the art of cultivating vines and the preparation of wines through many generations. Managed by the Peggi family for more than a century the farm has become a medium sized Wine producing business.

The farm takes its name, Ravaglia Grande, from the farm, which in the '800, belonged to the Marquis of Dozza.

There are over 17 acres of vines which produce more than 70,000 litres of wine of various types, from the classical seasonal wines with their characteristic aromas to several other more refined wines.

The old farmer's house, which dates from 1914, has been completely renovated while maintaining the typical local country architectural style.

After renovating the old house, four accommodating rooms, with independent bathrooms and all the usual amenities, were available and the Bed and Breakfast service was introduced in 2004.