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Bianco del Sillaro : Wine family : Albana,Trebbiano. Colour: straw yellow. Bouquet : fruity, apple. Taste : dry, harmonious. Temperature: 10°C. Suited to : first dishes, not too savoury meats, fish.

Trebbiano Emilia: Colour : straw yellow. Bouquet : fruity. Taste : sparkling, delicate. Temperature: 8°C. Suited to : aperitifs, hors d'oeuvres, first dishes, not too savoury meats, fish.

Grechetto Gentile Emilia (uva Pignoletto): Colour: light yellow with hints of green. Bouquet : floral,fruity. Taste : harmonious. Temperature : 9-11°C. Suited to aperitifs, hors d'oeuvres, fish and white meat

Sangiovese dell'Emilia: Colour : ruby red with violet tones. Bouquet : a delicate bouquet similar to violet. Taste : dry, harmonic, with a light and slightly bitter aftertaste. Temperature : 18°C. Suited for meat meals roasted, boiled.

Merlot Emilia : Colour: ruby red. Bouquet: red fruit,vegetable. Taste: dry, harmonious and perfumed. Temperature:16-18 °C. Suited to: boiled meats, roasted braised red meats and mushrooms.

Chardonnay Emilia : Colour: light yellow. Bouquet: hints of exotic fruits. Taste: sweet dry, harmonious. Temperature : 10 °C. Suited to : hors d'oeuvres, soups, white meats, fish.

We produce wine in kegs that we provide to local restaurants. We can design and build dispensing equipment and guarantee th necessary assistence.

The wines are bottled or barrelled on the premises and are delivered to clients in Emilia Romagna.

Wine is also sold at Retail price on the farm.